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    Oh absolutely Lucky, he certainly didn’t underachieve. He did a good job, just not a great one IMO.

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    Hightown hopeHightown hope
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    Yeah, I wouldn’t argue with that. Mind you, someone doing just a ‘good’ job would be a move in the right direction for certain clubs in the Premiership!!

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    Too right Hightown.

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    Chucky McChuckfaceChucky McChuckface
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    So, we’re all in agreement? Poncho is overrated due to what Harry Redknapp did in 2008? 🙂

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    Chucky McChuckfaceChucky McChuckface
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    So, back to the Poncho days already, let in a sloppyish goal in the 5th minute of the game so the other team can spend 85 minutes defending the lead… reckon I’ll just go to bed now… night all…

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    Understand the context Chucky, overrated doesnt mean bad or average, it literally means given more credit than due, not that no credit is due.

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    100% win rate for Jose in prem and champs league now chucky, miles better than Poch. I will complete my analysis and get back to you tomorrow 😉

    Best thing about a spurs win is I know you’re smiling fella.

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    nine nine nine
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    Manchester United managerial target Mauricio Pochettino is reported to have made one major demand of the club ahead of what’s been described as his likely appointment at the end of the season.

    Pochettino was sacked by Tottenham in November after a poor start to the season, just five months after leading the club to their first Champions League final.

    However, the Argentine remains very much a man in demand and continues to be linked with the United hot-seat, while he was even mentioned as a contender for the Barcelona job ahead of their decision to go with Quique Setien as Ernesto Valverde’s replacement.

    But it is links with United that remain most prevalent, amid claims the Red Devils could show Solskjaer the door if they fail to qualify for the Champions League again next season.

    As such, talkSPORT journalist Phil Brown claims that United have held secret discussions with Pochettino about taking over at the end of the season. Furthermore, it’s claimed the Argentine has given United a certain guarantee he’ll take charge – but not until the end of the season.

    “What I’ve been told is United have been talking with Pochettino for a few weeks now,” Brown said. “But he doesn’t want the job until the end of the season.”

    Solskjaer appears to have overcome a rocky autumn to get back on track with United, though much of his future in the role will depend on how the rest of the season pans out and despite claims senior United stars had pleaded with the club’s owners not to show the Norwegian the door.

    However, Brown is adamant Pochettino has been approached and talks have been held.

    “I’ve been told by someone who would know, who I trust 100 per cent and who has given me stuff in the past and been bang on so is clearly informed,” he insisted. “They’ve been talking to Pochettino for a few weeks but most likely if anything happens it’ll be at the end of the season.”

    Brown also sensationally claimed that he’s been informed that Pochettino has told United he will only take the job if much-maligned executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward is taken off all football and transfer matters at Old Trafford.

    “He doesn’t want the job until certain requirements have been met,” Brown commented in reference to the polarised figure that is Woodward.

    And Brown said on his Beyond the Pitch podcast: “Pochettino doesn’t have an agent, Ed Woodward can’t be seen to be talking to Pochettino in public, so they designated an individual who will mediate.

    “I can’t say who that individual is. He doesn’t want the job until the summer.

    “He demands a director of football guaranteed and the director of football cannot be Ed Woodward.

    “He wants full freedom of first-team matters, including who can be sold. (He) wants Ed Woodward to step away from anything football at all and funds to be made available for purchases.”

    Pochettino is yet to comment on the latest speculation linking him to United but did state before Christmas that he was “open” to offers.

    “When I say I am open, I am open. I cannot say that I am open but I’m closed to someone,” Pochettino said. “It’s different if you receive an approach and you listen and say yes or no. That’s different.

    “But you can’t say that I’m open but on that I am not open. You are open and then you are open. Anything can happen.

    “When I say I am open, I am open to listen to any club.”

    Interesting if true???

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    I suspect Utd will opt for Poch for several reasons, but mainly because he is in tune with the way the game has evolved over recent years with organised and high pressing, along with a strong identity. As well as helping to develop players, and having experience in the premier league at a top club. Allegri is quite conservative, and Utd have been there with Mourinho and unsurprisingly failed in trying to get him to play in a bolder way with big names. Nagelsmann doesn’t have the experience even if he is highly rated. Also the Utd job would be a completely different and obviously much bigger job than the Leipzig one is. Be interesting to see how he does with a bigger budget, but like Ed, I still have reservations about him. He’s a very good manager, but for me, he just lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.

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    I don’t agree that Poch is over-rated. He’s been released from a a blown out candle of a project. Sometimes you can get too close to something great. I think he’d still be at Spurs had they gone out of the quarter finals of the CL, or something. League form was failing during this run, sure. That is definitely a point against my own stance but I’ve seen his Spurs side and when they were good, they were great. You don’t accidentally make the CL final. They went through City and had the heart to come back and beat Ajax in style that maybe even over-shadowed Liverpool’s 4-0 with Barca.

    Like Rodgers at Liverpool, he had everyone believing and then barely missed. That is a kiss of death. Jose has come in now at Spurs, where’s the the manager bounce? Their form is all over the place. They were dreadful against us. They are lucky that we weren’t so great either, or it would have been a slaughtering.

    I’ve said it before and I’m not changing my opinion on this, Poch will walk into a top top job when one comes available. Obviously, this is excluding him doing a Rafa and going for a bit of a passion project like Newcastle. I see him going to utd or the likes. Who knows though, it looks like they are backing Ole in the market. of course we have some of those transfers coming in the summer, so he’s got to make it to there… However this new lad who is arriving in January is a pretty incredible talent and should help Utd out immensely. I think Klopp is a fan and even checked on his availability before but was put off by the price.

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