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sean the sailor

    Absolute bollix about trying to blame the Liverpool fans for Saturday night. Spanish reporters all reporting the same story. People bashed for their tickets etc. piss ooor from the police yet again after the rangers game.

    I wouldn’t play down liverpools achievements. 2 cups,63 games played. Lost on sat and full credit to Madrid. What a run they had.

    Much more concerned with people nearly being crushed then losing. French minister clearly trying to save their own backs. This is not about Liverpool. It’s about safety of people etc.

    Absolutely loved this season. Very proud of the team and people can play it down etc and people actually mocking us for not winning the quadruple ffs. We won our finals end of story and again playing dien wins cause we won on pens

    The cl group was the supposed group of death. We beat the Italian champions, Spanish champions, Portuguese champions etc. could go on but people just want to belittle our season. It’s absolutely pathetic.

    Literally read a few posts on here and reporting of the incidents on sat. Time to take a break from football. We go again next season. Proud to be a red and a brilliant season


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