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    Adlab, I would expect Pep and City to win their matches – just my honest thoughts, and would tip City as being one of the favourites. You’re right though.

    It depends on what happens during each game.

    What we have experienced though by fact is the shocks and surprises which is what makes our league what it has been in recent times and that is, one if not the most exciting.

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    We would all be happy to win the first 5 Nil. 🙂

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    No one complaining nil. Unlike you I actually enjoy football and don’t let it consume my life. Only complaints will be on here in the morning, about you when you inevitably go on a non sensical drunken rant tonight.

    Doesn’t take much for you to go to the personal insults, calling me a twerp. How dare you. Gonna go drink myself in to a coma. Will be nice being on your level.

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    Nancy I hope you do get bale force
    Use up your small budget and get to see Him play amazing (golf) and at least 3 games for the spuds before his “injury” you know the injury that still allows many hours on the golf course

    If he fell out with the manager at RM I give him until he puts the shirt down at the press conference before him and Maureen have it out ?

    I would also dearly love to win the first 38 pl matches ?

    As for our sexy away kit noin noin noin … if we lose as we likely will we will look sexy doing it

    If we win it’s just double sexy and maybe the opposition teams will be to busy thinking how good our shirts look ?

    Read a peace on klopp earlier …the throw in coach we all took piss out of that lead to so many goals and chances coming from throw ins and during a warm up before the match he stands in the centre circle alone staring at them warm up and totally puts them off!!

    Cheeky monkey! ?

Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)
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