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    nine nine nine

    Brian, what was I talking about? 😊

    Of course there is already a seeding system and it is already in place for the Group games Pot 1 in the current CL for instance has all the Champions and the current CL winners in it etc etc.

    The current CL doesn’t become a completely open draw situation until the Qtr Finals as although it goes to an open draw in the round of 16 country restrictions exist then can’t see too much of that changing tbh.

    Nice idea re the likes of Preston and Carlisle I remember seeing Preston at the Bridge on a weekday afternoon because the lights had failed previously and seeing Carlisle at the Bridge in a First Division game when they topped the League.

    As you said though “I do not know how it could be done, probably never happen but we have a good league system in England that just needs a little help to get better, not richer.
    TV will have its pay /view audience but fans going to matches need lower prices to generate better atmosphere and get them back in grounds when Covid is clear to do so”

    I wouldn’t disagree with any of that although most of the top PL Clubs are sold out now and have waiting lists for Season tickets. Cheers 9’s


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Viewing 121 post (of 121 total)
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