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    As Alfie said even with money in the PL is been hard for club’s to sign players apart from Manchester City. Selling club’s especially in the continent want some of that PL money so are raising their prices like crazy. I’m actually kinda glad that PL clubs are showing restraint because when the next TV deal is negotiated there may be a drop with what sky and BT paid this time especially with all the piracy/streaming going on. It’s not going to collapse like the ONdigital-gate saga but i still feel that clubs will still need to be sensible, crazy market prices for players can’t go up for ever like they have been recently. Top club’s seem more sensible these days than compared to before and there are better safeguards in place. But I actually wish there were some sort of caps in premier league football like the American sports, or a special law bought into tax premier league clubs so that a certain amount money goes into grass route level football in their communities for paying for things such as floodlight soccer fields so that kids can keep playing football after school in the winter time. Or maybe club’s should be forced to pay the subs of some local teams in the area. This is definitely affordable, for example one week of Pogbas wages could pay for the subs of all the kids in Manchester lol, maybe I’m stretching that but you know what I mean.


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