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    The problem with the case is that it is really hard to prove. They have to persuade the panel that top executives of various companies (abeit linked via the city holding group owner) all contrived to break various rules and probably laws, when undoubtably they could have just signed for better terms in the first place.

    Whilst the emails show a clear and deliberate act to cheat, they will have to show intent as well and that may be hard to prove, especially in a case like this where the PL will focus on getting the evidence permited to be used. Tehy may take their eye off the ball and forget to prove the case.

    Then you’ll have all the numpties telling eveyone that city are innocent, when clearly they are nothing of the sort.

    Remember that CAS said that some of the FIFA charges were not proven on appeal, and others time barred. That doesn’t mean the time barred ones would have been held up. I am assuming the PL are going through the CAS ruling and building a stronger case, but they might end up being as inept as everyone else.

    Pep to replace Klopp in the summer, so he has a chance of keeping one PL winners medal?


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