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    Well said CM.

    Man City are not innocent. There is bags of rock-solid evidence out there. It just comes down to if they can get away with it via technicalities and that may legally be “not guilty”, but it is not innocent.

    The only reason they can make any claim towards “not guilty” is because UEFA ran out of time when trying to punish them. That is the ONLY reason. It’s an uncomfortable truth for some City fans, who want to scream about how they are innocent until proven guilty… Ya, don’t expect much sympathy in that case, because it’s been an uncomfortable time for the rest of us, who’ve had to watch on as your club tainted the PL and the CL.

    The PL really should have dealt with this sooner than 10 years after this all started. They are partially responsible for the desecration of modern football.
    Something will have to be done though, regardless of who gets what blame. This will have to be set right. The joy of titles to Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal has been stolen but they can still set the record straight at least. Do that and let those clubs handle City in the courts. Obviously, they need to be banished from the PL too.


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