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    Don’t blame Nil at all. He is clearly passionate about his club and has recently witnessed his club go through it’s most successful spell in 30 years. He wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to Liverpool and over the years, the club has built a rivalry against City.

    If City didn’t break rules, then Liverpool would have won a lot more. Pep would not have the financial advantage he had during his early years at City and probably would not have been as successful, we all know he would not have been at City if he didn’t have the advantage he did.

    Difference between City and Liverpool has been, one club has been built on morals, whilst the other has been built on sport washing, cheating and is a PR marketing tool for the UAE. They literally sold their soul and the hypocrisy of most of their fans who once were telling people they were the real Manchester club is there for us all to see.


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