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    IK can’t get the image functionality to work, so click below to see my Wildcard reset team.

    I put a lot of thought into this wildcard and was really pleased with my final side but I’ve missed the mark once again. Very frustrating.


    As you can see, I still have West Ham to go but Haller and Anderson are only human. I’m not sure they can rescue my FPL week.

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    Woke (not better than you) with a nose bleed this morning I was so far up the table… Wont last long!

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    I think there’s an hour or so left to get the Teams in for tonight and tomorrow. Should be an opportunity to rack up some points 🙂

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    Had a few good GWs now. I got in early with Ings, who I think helped me pay for Vardy, so the lads have changed my fortunes a bit, for the moment anyway.

    I am in a league of just 5, family… For a while there the girls were even ahead of me. It was getting embarrassing, as each week I blanked with my captaincy but I’m top there now by a solitary point. happy days 😉

    I am not quite as confident in my team going forward now and a little unsure of the changes that I’ll make but I don’t think I’ll go so far down again that the ladies will be passing me out (except for the few pretend ones on here that is! :P)

    BTW, who is Gary? I just want you to know that I’m comin for you boy!!!

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    This thread and interest in FPL seems to b e kinda dead but I still love it. Anyway, I thought it interesting that I now have 3 Utd players in my team (or will when the next GW starts), when I had 0 or 1 through most of the season. Utd appear to be getting going.

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    mak – i messed up this week and last minute changed my triple captain from Fernandes to rahford. saw it as too big a risk for a midfielder. also transfers did not work at all this week.

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)
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