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    I was going to say, not a memorable season, but that would be wrong. I watched some really good football, Liverpool had an outstanding season. Some of the goals produced I believe at a higher level than previous seasons, my goal of the season goes to Son of Spurs. We are, as a league, still the best in the world even behind closed doors. I am optimistic for National team for the first time in years with so many younger players coming through It was good to see Sheffield Utd doing well along with the Southampton turn round and Burnley effort to maintain Pl status, well done to all.
    Thank you to all Forum posters for some really good subjects , opinions and posts with special thanks to our ED. I have said before, this Forum has improved significantly in quality of posts.
    We all need to to see games as a football match rather than tribal conflict, much more enjoyable when you can see 22 players. I love my City as you know but will always appreciate oponents play as well
    Mr Klopp deserves Manager of the season on the way he has held his team together for the whole season

    On to next season now…this is part of history

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    Rodgers is tactically weak. He’s a good coach, but not so much a good manager.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)
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