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nine nine nine

    And if Coutinho is worth £150m what price Hazard☺️

    The transfer values now are ridiculous and it’s very difficult to buy and to get your No 1 targets.

    I think for Liverpool to even consider the bid for Coutinho Barca will have to do better than £80m up front and the rest in unrealistic add ons and the longer it goes on the less likely it is to happen.

    Problem is how all this effects the player once the window closes there is already this alleged back injury with Coutinho so if he’s forced to stay will Liverpool have the same player this season as they had last season?

    This is probably the beginning of the end now anyway for Coutinho at Liverpool because even if he doesn’t go now it’s unlikely that Coutinho will be at Liverpool in the 2018/19 season same story for Hazard who I fully expect to go to Real next summer.

    Losing your best player will always be disappointing but it can be softened if you get a great price and have sufficient time to plan a replacement currently Liverpool have neither if the terms of the Barca bid are accurate.


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