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Hightown hope

    Yeah, excellent post, Dan. I think we’re all sick of the 2 Spanish clubs coming over and taking our best players. Probably the 3 best players in the English Premiership in the last 10 years have ended up over there in Ronaldo, Bale and Suarez. But with all our bluster and indignance about the Barca and Real hype machines, is it really any different from the fan of say, Torquay United, who sees their best player go to Bristol Rovers? It’s the football food chain, and while Liverpool are relatively near the top of said food chain, Barca and Madrid are higher up. By and large, what they want, they get. We just have to ensure that we get a fee we’re happy with and then go and munch on someone lower down the food chain…hello, Southampton and Leipzig!!

    I’m really split as to whether we should keep Phil. He is good, but he ain’t £120m good. On his day, he is excellent but he is inconsistent, and he regularly misses 10 to 15 games a season. Earlier in the window, I would have definitely taken the offer, but now…? I really don’t know.


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