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    Just saw that they rejected a bid for 118.

    I feel a bit for all parties here, but I am glad that FSG have dug their heels in.
    Yes Coutinho may be unhappy (and I guess it is up to Klopp to get the best out of him if he stays) but when it comes down to it, if Liverpool stick by their guns, that means that they have resisted the Barcelona hype machine.

    By that I mean the seemingly irresistible lure of huge money, playing for Barca and Spanish media pressure. How many times have we seen the newspapers there saying the deal is done, Barca have their man etc etc, just to turn a players head and unsettle them. It is bloody infuriating.

    When RB refused to sell us Keita no matter the money, we suddenly realised that we would have to wait until he was available. I am hoping Barcelona do the same when we say no. It is about respect and realising that Liverpool do not have to sell to them.

    For me I do not mind if a star moves on, it is modern football, as long as the club has time to sound out and get a replacement. We all remember Andy Carroll the panic buy? This would be a repeat of that, it is patently stupid for the interested parties to expect us to agree when we have no time to adjust. THAT is literally the only reason I am disappointed in Coutinho over this whole thing, because he knows that and is choosing to be selfish.


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