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    Maybe 1, 2 or even 3 players may be changed out for this match but only as a result of a lack of a good performance. I can’t see Klopp resting anyone or trying to keep players fresh for the CL play-off match. It’s so early in the season that the 2 fixtures a week will actually be working in our favour in many ways.

    I could see how (logically) Moreno, Henderson, and Wijnaldum could be dropped for this match because they were poor in the previous one(s) but my guess is that Klopp will keep Hendo and Wijni in there to sharpen them up, Moreno is just Moreno and I can’t wait for Robertson to replace him but my understanding is that he’s not there yet. We can remain hopeful though.

    Personally, I’d start Milner instead of Henderson but I don’t think Klopp will. The CL is important but I wouldn’t sacrifice PL points in order to give ourselves a slightly better chance of qualifying either. I mean this is whole other thread though as I’d have liked to see us have added to the squad specifically for this kind of scenario but it hasn’t worked that way for us. We have to go with what we’ve got and the most important thing we can do, heading into the Hoffemheim game is to try and get a better performance from that first 11.

    As a fan of Wijnaldum’s I’ve had to admit that he was atrocious the last day and hasn’t really fired this season, another match might just do it for him.


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