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    I don’t think we’ll go in for Draxler but you said he’d improve our starting 11. From a 433, where is he going? I ask because I can’t see us changing that top front 3 and so that ;leaves him to playing CM. Is his all round game going to be good enough for that?

    As for this other chap, people seem to be very excited about him and as a German international defender, I admit that I’m hoping that we go for him (or someone else who’s good!).

    I didn’t come here to talk about those 2 though really. It seems that Barca are indeed in talks with FSG to buy Coutinho. Now, did you guys catch the last day that separation that Klopp made from himself and the owners on this topic? He said something like “nothing has changed that I know of, they haven’t talked to me about it” or words to that effect. . . He said some other things about owners selling a player or keeping a player and he’s out of it and looking after the ones he has etc. I really really really hope that that wasn’t Klopp being left out of it, with a player sold from under him.

    I say I hope this but I think it’s more likely that he might have been asked just how much he values Coutinho, only to tell them that he’s excellent but has some weaknesses that he could resolve by getting in another player. I’m sorry that this isn’t a very well written comment but hopefully my points gets across.

    I would never want Klopp to feel resigned to losing potentially his best player against his will basically. There are only so many things like this that a top manager like Klopp would be willing to accept before thinking of his options.

    Now, if FSG accepts a bid (which I am now expecting), will it be seriously under value? I can’t see Barca’s 3rd offer shooting up to at least £130m, so I guess they are going to flog him for £110m, or even as low as £100m. . which is just stupid if you ask me. . but what do I know.


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