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    Pretty fair assessment Banjo. Spurs will be fine as long as they can keep Alli and Kane fit. I’m surprised they didn’t go for Defoe as a decent backup for Kane. I’m sure he’d have loved to have come back.

    Sean, I just can’t see Utd going at the big teams away from home. Mourinho has always been cautious in the big games away from home, in particular, and it’s served him well until now. I really don’t think he will change that.

    Makaveli, there certainly appears to be something amiss at Chelsea. They’ve got a tough run of games now so they could easily find themselves with a fair bit of catching up to do very early in the season. I want to say they need to try to change the setup to give the manager more control and therefore keep the managers longer, but it’s hard to argue that their manager policy is wrong. Chelsea have probably won more than anyone over the last 10 or so years. Why would they suddenly start changing things. Top managers will always be attracted to big wages and the chance to live and work in London


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