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    The Neymar transfer has left us with a domino effect. Fees for players now have risen ridiculously and potentially if this trend carries on, the bubble eventually will have to burst (unless regulations are brought in).

    I don’t blame Coutinho. This is now the mind and soul of a modern day player and as supporters like it or not, you have to be prepared at the prospect of losing your best player (unless he’s Steven Gerrard at his peak).

    The Manager and Top Bosses shouldn’t be surprised and should have pre-empted this along time ago with the player. Didn’t Coutinho sign a new contract? Would there have been some kind of a release clause?

    This is my problem with this entire scenario: If you have a transfer window designed, then every deal should be completed BEFORE the start of a new season. Traditionally in the past, the end of March was the final completion for transfers.

    Clubs now don’t even take team photos. Lanzini for me would have been at least one possibility of a replacement and the best fit. The whole logic of building your squad and layering up with like for like players is to support these instances as well as injuries and suspensions.

    It should never just be about one player. The business in the defensive part hasn’t been productive albeit one full-back. It should also too be implemented as a collective responsibility on set-pieces and individuals need to be vocal and be confident facing challenging situations otherwise, we may as well lay the goals on the plate for opposing teams.


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