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Hightown hope

    It’s taken me a couple of days to reflect on the game and come on here and give my two pennyworth. I’ve also being looking for my jaw, as it dropped so far when I realised that we have learnt nothing since last season. The VERY first corner we concede this season, and the opposition score. We concede 3 corners in the game, and f*** me, they score from 2 of them. It’s beyond a joke, it really is, and has highlighted again the importance of landing VVD, though I hear today, Chelsea are confident of landing him…and let’s face it, their need is as bad as ours.

    Matip chooses Saturday to have, arguably, his worst game in a Liverpool shirt, and Lovren was just Lovren. And why, oh why did Jurgen take Trent off with 5 minutes to go to bring Gomez on. He comes on cold, gives away a free kick and generally looks undercooked. Fine, bring him on as part of a back 5 for the last few minutes as we try to kill the game (cos we’re good at that!!), but don’t disrupt your defence with a like for like change at that stage.

    I have fears about tomorrow night now, as I reckon an away goal is crucial, as they’re bound to get a corner or two when they come to Anfield.


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