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    Saurez is a weird one for me. I am of Ghanaian descent and the very first time I even heard of Saurez I was supporting Ghana at the World Cup in 2010 when he did this:

    So when I heard we were signing him I was gobsmacked, I really didn’t want him, I even felt a weird sense of betrayal by Liverpool lol. I saw him as a crook.

    But by the time he had done this, I had forgiven him and his cheating antics against Ghanaa were forgotten about 🙂

    Of course, the drama didn’t stop there as we all know… but even with the Evra-gate stuff I still regard Suarez as the best player we have had since John Barnes. I loved his work rate and passion, we haven’t replaced him, to be honest. We need more people in our team with similar levels of skill and bastardtry 😉


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