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    Hey Scouser, I am inclined to agree with you regards FSG in a way. they are definitely keeping a close eye on the money but I’m hoping that they are more focused on long term value rather than immediate and potentially detrimental liquidation of assets, like the sale of Coutinho.

    3-4 seasons ago, Liverpool wouldn’t have been able to resist an £80m bid for Coutinho but with TV money in the PL going crazy, we’re not so impressed by these sums anymore and it wold be foolish to sell Coutinho even for £120m, unless the player is unsettling others or extremely unhappy. Our club value isn’t on the level with Barca but I think the gap is closing in terms of revenue.

    Also, weren’t the Spanish meant to have setup a more balanced Tv deal themselves where the big 2 would no longer take the lions share of the entire league Tv income? If that scenario is or has come back then we may see the sheer power of the big 2 over there shrink a little.


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