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    Nice to see you all lads.

    Threeps yeah it’s only one data point, as is any statistic. Never going to tell the whole story. But this particular stat re Enzo is very telling in my opinion, as someone who for 18 months has been adamant we are way better when Enzo doesn’t play. That’s obviously not how you want to feel about someone who is the poster boy of new owners and cost so much. I think the data is significant enough to demonstrate this.

    Hi Ed, certainly recency bias at play, but that also added to by the way fees have inflated over last 10 years. Going by just normal inflation. Alan shearers 15m fee to Newcastle in 96 would only be 30m in today’s money, but we all know full well a prime shearer would cost well in excess of 100m in today’s market.

    As bad as players like bogarde and Drinkwater were for example, the money some of the players cost these days means some of the most recent signings are always going to seem worse.

    P.s totally agree re pogba, never the player you wanted him to be on consistent basis, and so and waste of money in that sense, but it’s not like he was terrible, far from it.


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