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Home Community General Football Worst signing in history of football? Reply To: Worst signing in history of football?


    I’m not convinced stats always tell the story correctly. Enzo is not a bad footballer I think that’s clear, but maybe he was just put into a system that didn’t utilise his talents. I think a new manager could revitalise him.

    For sure he cost far more than he’s worth and can understand the frustration of selling Mount (assume that’s the homegrown talent referred) to cover him. But Enzo didn’t make those decisions, that’s down to the senior management at the club who have rewritten the guide on how not to successfully run a football club.

    Agree with Sean, Anthony is abysmal. If you’re going to be cocky, arrogant and an all round bit of a tw@t then at least back it up with talent but he lacks that. For the fee paid he has to be one of the worst signings in the PL.

    Good to have you back Lucky.


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