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Home Community General Football The Legacy of Pochettino – Whats The Big Deal? Reply To: The Legacy of Pochettino – Whats The Big Deal?


    Hi banjo, God knows who is next, dont think the owners even know!

    To a certain extent, who our new coach will be is arbitrary.

    All I am scared of is seeing the team destroyed over summer.

    I think we missed big opportunity this year for top 4 with no European football and it took poch far too long to get any sort of system in place.

    Focus needs to be on the squad and really scared we will lose too many important players. Silva especially, and Connor Gallagher who I can’t believe we are to sell.

    I would have preferred continuity and would have given poch next year no doubt. But would you want to be chelsea manager with less than 12 months on contract and no say on transfers? Seems to me poch wanted some assurances and extension to stay, and our owners decided parting ways was best. But maybe poch just said to hell with it and had zero intent on staying also. I think he has had eyes on another job for a few weeks. On the morning of May 1st, he would have had no doubt he was getting sacked at end of season. 5 wins in a row since then probably caught him and the board by surprise!

    It’s worrying but I wont cry over Poch, it’s the continuity we could have done with.


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