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    On the question I raised in last week’s thread, I have been having a think about this. The more I want to think the other way, my instincts tell me the Brand of the PL won’t cheapen or weaken irrespective of Man City’s dominance.

    They have been pushed and challenged let’s be real. It’s just narrowly not been enough.

    My brutal honest thoughts in how a fan could be forced to walk away or lose interest is by the Technology and the Ruling and this profoundly does need to be addressed.

    The Offside Rule in microscopic detail to determine ON or OFF must go. Fouls and Penalties must be polished up properly and consistency has to be aimed for.

    Don’t allow play to go on and then blow the whistle afterwards. There is a risk of players being injured. I believe it’s this side of the game that’s causing pain to ALL fans and followers of the game.


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