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    Hi Sean, very well expressed mate and agree with your sentiments.

    I thought during Covid and what happened sadly in JK’s personal life may have made him think about his position and possibly then resign.

    I think our first trophy was the CL in 2019. Astonishingly, we won a fair bit and the Premier League. I just ignore those types of fans with remarks such as “I league Title in 30”. It’s actually 19 League Titles, one less than Manchester United.

    I actually enjoyed his early days in 2016 and the match versus Dortmund. He wanted his own players, but the ‘stock’ he inherited he made the best out of; even Lucas!

    A wonderful Man-Manager and if he has earned more than the Respect of Pep Guardiola, not to mention other Premier League Mangager’s on the circuit, that is saying something. A fair few Tributes made up and posted out; already emotional in watching.


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