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    Ange has worked around the world in different cultures and succeeded. Even if the standard wasn’t as high as here, that proves his credentials as a good communicator and man manager

    He worked mostly in Australia, Mikus. Australia. That, and Japan, for a bit before going to Celtic, another very low standard league. It’s hardly working around the world at any kind of respectable level. Find me anyone who ever said Ange should get a big job before he came to Spurs and I’ll find you a liar. He wasn’t even Spurs first choice. They went through a lot of names before they landed on him. Pure luck that it’s worked out (so far). Celtic were rubbish in the Champions league under him. Even Stevie G looked a world beater in Scotland.

    As for Klopp, he nearly relegated Dortmund in a 2 team league. He’s been fantastic at Liverpool but his spell in Germany is very comparable to Ten Hag’s in the Netherlands, much more so than Ange’s in the poor Australian league. It’s also worth pointing out that Klopp had a very highly respected recruitment team. A team who ensured he got the likes of Salah coming in despite him wanting otherwise. Where would Klopp be now without that structure? We’ll never know but I suspect they wouldn’t be as good. You talk about Klopp’s innovation leading to Bayern copying them without mentioning Ten Hag was personally requested by Guardiola to join him at Bayern because he was so impressed by him, later tipping him to take over from him at City.

    Absolute bollocks about the manager decisions. They brought in LVG, one of the most decorated managers in football, they turfed him and blamed him. Then they turned to Mourinho another modern coaching great, he openly stated what ManU’s problems were and they did nothing about it, letting cancerous players dictate proceedings. They turf him, so what do they do?

    Lvg and Mourinho were both once greats of the game but the emphasis is very much on the past tense. If Utd were so wrong to blame them and we actually let 2 great managers leave, they’d have surely proven that in their next roles, right? Nope. Imagine how bad Mourinho must have made things inside the club for Spurs to sack him right before a final. Lvg? Couldn’t get another club job after Utd. Not a single one of Utd’s post-Ferguson managers has gone on to prove Utd were wrong to let them go. The managers have been poor choices AND the structure is non existent. Both can be true. They’re not mutually exclusive.

    Ten Hag likely won’t work out in the long term at Utd. Most managers don’t at the top. If that’s the case, he’s far from blameless but I maintain that he was the best option available to us and one who was definitely worth giving a chance to.


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