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Chucky McChuckface

    Mav, they can obviously change the rules within KSA, but I don’t see how that will help them grow into any sort of realistic competition to the major Euro leagues, or even south american leagues… and there’s no way they can compete in the CL for example without the entire “rule book” being torn up. Mentioned it earlier on here, the entire league in 2022 turned over roughly half of Ronaldo’s salary. And that was their own figures… the biggest club in the league turned over the equivalent of Haaland and KDB’s salary… that’s it.

    And the quality of football is still pretty ropey, as I mentioned above, a very expensive sprinkling of star dust isn’t going to change that… it will take decades…

    No, I maintain this is just a “fad” until the possibly get the WC in 2030 (or maybe 2034) and then that will be that… a lot of people will make a lot of money in the footballing world, players and managers etc.., but that will be that…

    They might be able to make it the biggest league in the ME, but that will be that at the absolute maximum.


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