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    Nil I’m not sure if your just naive or are in fact a chauvinist, I hope it’s the former. Adlab I think we all know which he is, he’s not exactly surprised anyone with his views. That’s probably an age thing and thankfully the younger people can see things in a different way which is why I was disappointed with you opinion Nil.

    I opened up the BBC app today, the headline story is about female surgeons being sexuallly assaulted whilst operating. This is just one of many stories that happen every day. You might think this incident was just a kiss in the heat of the moment, but it happened by someone who is kinda her bosses boss so has a power over her, in front of millions in a situation she had zero control over. Millions of women watching what should have been the pinnacle of achievement for this particular lady saw in fact a man with power sexually assault her.

    Thankfully the neanderthal views are dying out, but Nil come on, give your head a wobble. If you can’t see the damage his actions did then I think you’re falling into the 2nd category I earlier mentioned.


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