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    Yeah banjo I was there, but would never travel all that way to leave early 😆

    Just like last year, we can have all the ball we want but it counts for nothing if you create few good opportunities, especially if the few are missed.

    We look so short of intelligence and cohesion in final 3rd. If poch can’t improve it with all the time he has to train us this year then we in big trouble.

    I was quietly confident of our chances of top 4 but losing 2 of the opening 4 games and seeing the same problems up top, only a fool would bet on us for top 4 now.

    3 games I have attended in 8 days at the bridge and based on the opposition I was hoping for 3 wins. We managed 2…against Luton and AFC Wimbledon.

    I guess forest and west ham are just too good for us at the moment! 😳


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