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Mikus LFC

    Just to expand on my point and explore why some transfers work and some don’t. Let’s look at Sanchez going to Utd. Let’s suppose he’d gone to City instead (apparently City were also chasing him I think). Would Sanchez also have not particularly worked out at City? I’m not sure. Not saying he’d have set them completely alight, but again I revert back to my point – would City have “used” him as opposed to Utd perhaps “needing” him? Would Pep have simply seen him as just one piece in his jigsaw? And maybe he’d have been more effective?

    Afterwards, Pep said the following: “I respect that decision and I move forward and look for another solution because the stability of the club is the most important thing. Normally we try to be stable with the wages of the players because I think it is good for the team and stability of the club.”



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