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    Club Money Spent Money Received Net Spend
    Chelsea £424.8m £220.1m £204.7m
    Arsenal £203.5m £78.8m £124.7m
    Man Utd £167.4m £42.9m £124.5m
    Bournemouth £109.9m £0 £109.9m
    Tottenham £213.4m £110m £103.4m
    Liverpool £145.4m £52m £93.4m
    Burnley £92.1m £0 £92.1m
    Newcastle £130.8m £42.2m £88.6m
    Man City £211.1m £135.6m £75.5m
    Aston Villa £84.9m £34.5m £50.4m
    Brentford £55.4m £5.2m £50.2m
    Crystal Palace £36m £800k £35.2m
    Luton Town £20m £0 £20m
    Nottingham Forest £75.5m £55.6m £19.9m
    Everton £37m £28.1m £8.9m
    Sheffield Utd £41.8m £35m £6.8m
    Fulham £39.3m £50m -£10.7m
    West Ham £119.8m £136.8m -£17m
    Wolves £67m £142.5m -£75.5m
    Brighton £84m £178.7m -£94.7m


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