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    This is a little story in response to Adlab and a lesser extent Nil who think this incident is blown out of proportion.

    I was once a Police Officer, not for long admittedly but long enough to have some experience. One of my first arrests was a man of similar age to Adlab. He had been touching supermarket workers. It started with a little cheeky comment, then a little sly touch, then an inappropriate grope. He thought he was doing nothing wrong, it was all playful fun. When my colleague knocked on his door his wife joked “oh he’s up to his old tricks again!” as if it was some innocent joke.

    I read the victim statements. They felt violated. They felt mistreated. One felt so sick at the thought of seeing him at work she feigned days off. You try telling them it was a bit of fun or a show of affection.

    So Adlab it doesn’t need to 50 shades of grey or however you put it. That kiss is sexual assault. Whats more it was done in front of millions of people watching, many whom have to endure those cheeky little sexual comments, those little touches, or those non-consented kisses on the lips. How did his actions make them feel?

    The self preservation attitude of Rubiales and his people is actually even more disgusting than the act itself. He should have been fired without hesitation and made am example of.


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