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Migs has to start.

Matip and Klavan in front of him, although it’s odds on that Lovren will start.

If TAA is fit, then give him a start, else Gomez.
This definitely isn’t a game for Moreno to start. Give Robertson a game.

Hendo isn’t up to full steam at the moment and so the defence is even less protected than normal. Give Milner a game in front of the defence.

Can should start in the middle and Wijnaldum next to him. But you know Hendo is going to start – with his foot problem, he could do with a rest every 3 or 4 games and maybe we can keep him going for a season.

The same front 3 as yesterday, as they have their tails up and there’s nothing like a confident attack for scaring the opposition.

2:1 with all the goals in the 2nd half 🙂


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