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Chucky McChuckface

    So you’re claiming the emials made public had been doctored in some way and the emails provided by the 115 were the original?

    I put it to you, good sir, the theory that perhaps the emails “leaked” were original and the emials provided by the 115 were in fact the “doctored” emails? Deliberately, and cleverly, editted to create confusion and create enough doubt for a jury to decide the “public” emails could not be trusted? A smear campaign for a smear campaign?

    115 “defence” has created confusion and offered a different opinion… doesn’t actually prove anything 100% eitherway.

    The only thing proven is that emails can be doctored…

    Can’t be arsed right now to read the other part (but I will!)… more interested in hearing who you “know” is behind the smear from your “sources”… 🙂


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