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    Van Dijk had a poor game and he has made a mistake here or there this season but generally, he’s been absolutely brilliant.

    I have no idea how people are coming to the conclusion that he’s been anything but brilliant this season.
    Nobody is using his big injury as an excuse now. that was last season and it wasn’t an e excuse, it was something that people could see was physically a problem for him.

    Liverpool still have the best defence in the PL and the 3 players most responsible for that in order are Alisson, Van Dijk, Konate. Van Dijk is also one of the most important players on the pitch when it comes to general distribution.

    Van Dijk had a bad day here and he also had a bad day there I think 2 games ago. He’s not perfect and ya, I would have complaints about his recent lapses but are we going to suggest that the best don’t have bad days
    Who is so much better than him that it’s offensive to suggest that Van Dijk is as good as?
    Have they conceded fewer goals? Van Dijk as probably scored as many goals as some of their forwards.


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