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    Mak, I get that mate. I didn’t put that out to be unkind, it was more about citing from what we see what the effect and the stress levels. It’s the hardest to keep up with Man City make no mistake. Thus the T-1000 tag.

    They won’t let up and the problem is for any chasing team is that they can’t afford many slip ups as the Gunners themselves learned last season.

    I don’t think Klopp has been the same in some ways since Covid. He lost his Mother very sadly in 2021. The problem in this job is that you are constantly on the wheel. There really isn’t a break away as you’re on I believe a continuous itinerary.

    Naturally too there are expectations to try and deliver season after season after season. I just hope the guy leaves us with one final happy memory of just being happy, win lose or draw.


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