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    9 years is 9 years man. I look very different to what I did when Klopp joined also.
    Chucky, I do think it is him being knackered, but there are factors into what burns someone out and I think the City situation is a big part of it. He has surely had a few seasons where he’s wondering wtf he has to do to win the PL. 97 and 91 points, was it?

    Not gonna give out about it now, as there will be plenty of time for it, just think it’s a factor.
    I just hope that we make one last big push because I think there is at least a very large chance that we’ll have years of very little after this. Of course we might hit the ground running on a new project but even Van Dijk has halted contract discussions until a new manager is appointed. That’s the start of it.

    Klopp is such a massive name in this world that him leaving could set us back to pre-FSG times.


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