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    Chucks, for what it’s worth, looking at Klopp now to when he first came on the scene, this job has aged him. He was a lot more youthful and playful. I think more than anything, his face showed resignation last season so if anything that would have been in nature a time to resign.

    But he loves Liverpool deeply and has given everything to recharge and rebuild them. I am actually staggered how quickly players have gelled or just found their way like they have been playing for the club for a long time.

    I know if you map out over his tenure a list of transactions, he has had money to spend, but I believe with FSG, it’s more strictness than freedom. I just think that may be one of the reasons why he’s chosen to pull the plug.

    He has pledged not to manage another PL club ever. It may well be taken at face value as he does come across genuine and honest. He needs time to reflect and away from the circuit.


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