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    CM, I have a Utd supporting friend who has drawn lines between this and when Fergie left. Back then, I was not a great fan of Fergie. We had so many years of him dominating the PL though, it was hard to appreciate him while he was still in the job. After he left it was different of course but when I’m learning now is how Utd fans felt when Fergie left. My friend has said exactly that and I see you saying similar. “That’s exactly what it was like when Fergie left”.

    I get it now.

    I wasn’t worried before that we might see a dip at some stage, which could cost us a title/challenge, but I feel a bit drained by it all, so what do the players feel? They are hopefully going to feel driven by a desire to compete for a PL trophy one last time under Klopp but how will they respond to a result not going their way?
    I guess we’ll see.

    Man Utd are still lost post-Fergie, and we all know what that feels like for sure. Are we headed back there now after this season? I’m not being dramatic, I think it’s very possible. It’s a huge roll of the dice and we’re already falling down the deloitte league. In the link here, just look at Citys apparent income and ours. How has ours fallen that much? I don’t think that factors in the lack of CL football until next year, so wtf has gone on there?

    City then, with no real global support worth talking about is making nearly as much as Real… ya, of course 😛

    But, Spurrs are nearly upon us. How did we let that happen? 100 million supporters worldwide and we can’t get more money out of our brand? Next years will be about 80m less, so they’ll be ahead of us, and we’ll be trying to tell the next manager in that he can challenge for titles? Ya, we’re going to need to replace all the key areas of the backroom but you can do it.

    We’re going to need another miracle, because all these years of Klopp’s miracle work has not given us any financial advantage over the likes of Spurs. All the CL runs, higher PL placings are meaningless now in terms of our revenue right now. I just don’t get it. Are FSG asleep at the wheel or what?

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