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    I did apologize for letting my emotions run away. I genuinely wasn’t in a good place. I took the announcement bad and needed to vent. My bad in going hysterical. I shouldn’t have watched the Tottenham game; they’re not the same without Son.

    But over the last couple of days since, it’s been easier to digest. I just doing agree with Liverpool falling apart. There are people already trying to unsettle us, but I dare say we have gained a lot of support.

    Was at work today but able to watch the game on my mobile device 🙂 We’re actually gaining more options bedding in young players and involving them more. It seems they are taking each game into their stride even though they’re coming thick and fast.

    I can’t do anything about other teams or rival teams so I shouldn’t worry or get too much worked up; it is what it is.

    Next game is important and only days away.


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