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paul powers tash

    I understand Nils dislike of City. That’s the issue though, if you say what you feel about the club, the fans on here will feel it’s an attack on them.

    So you think it’s okay to talk bollocks on an intenet forum Mak? Losing your shit over a rival team isn’t a good luck imho.Maybe some should listen to Sean’s wise words from teamtalk days.

    This site has lost loads of very decent City posters Brian.Big Jim. Surrey Blue.I don’t post as much as I used to (same as GJ Blue because of the incessant posts re 115 charges posted on here (by you threeps and the village idiot.MCFC has denied the charges.So they are innocent till proven guilty.That’s how the law works in this country AFAIK.

    The three of you posting this obviously have all studied law? Or just like virtually everyone accusing MCFC know sweat FA about UK law.

    Can anyone please tell me and list what the 115 charges are ?


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