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    I understand Nils dislike of City. That’s the issue though, if you say what you feel about the club, the fans on here will feel it’s an attack on them.

    I kinda wonder if maybe Klopp has had enough of City. The 115 being constantly talked about as the process drags on might have tipped,him over the edge and made him think about a job in another league.
    Him saying he’ll never manage in England again might have been because of City. Could you blame him?

    anyway, FA Cup, fantastic to see Maidenhead or whatever they are in for the draw later. I hope they get to play away at a massive stadium. Im not sure about how it goes but we played at Anfield just there, so would our next game be away?

    I hope we can somehow give those semi-pro lads a trip to Anfield. That would be truly special for them.

    I think they had 38 shots for Ipswitch and 2 for them and they scored both. So funny.


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