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Home Community General Football End of Season Predictions…. (just for a larff!!) Reply To: End of Season Predictions…. (just for a larff!!)

Chucky McChuckface

    I’ll admit to being a little bit biased, as I watch my boys every week, and certainly more than everybody else, but we’re somehow in 4th without being remotely close to playing as well as we can. Sure, we’ve had some good games (and some bad!) but we seem a lot more consistant since Christmas (Foxy Ladies aside!), and Sonny is starting to show signs of life… losing bentacur is a huge lose for us, but even with the rest of the squad, I think there’s a lot more to come from us…. and as I mentioned, we always have at least one decent run during the season which we haven’t had yet, and with the toughest games we have left being against Pool, YooUtd and Bone Saw Boys, it’s absolutely in our hands!!


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