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Hightown hope

    Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? As everyone has said above, those first 20 minutes were awesome and Hoffenheim were just blown away. And I have to say that I think the crowd played their part. The atmosphere before the game and during was terrific. Did you go, Beni?

    As for the performance, I thought Moreno was our best defender on the night (never thought I’d say that!), Gini had his best game this season by a country mile, as did Can, but Man of the Match just has to be Sadio. Barca have definitely been chasing the wrong player. On this form he is unplayable.

    My player match ratings

    Migs 5.5 Had one of his less convincing nights, and arguably should have done better with first goal
    Trent 6.0 Terrific going forward, but still plenty to learn defensively (sound familiar!). Regularly skinned by Gnabry in first half
    Matipn 6.5 Doesn’t look certain alongside Lovren. Needs commanding centre back partner
    Lovren 5.0 Should have done better for their 2nd goal. Not had a good start to season, and continued his run here.
    Moreno 7.0 Other than one reckless lunge which he missed and left the left side exposed, he looked solid. Him and Mane electric going forward down left as a partnership
    Can 7.0 Good high energy performance from our German. In the right place for two well taken goals and unlucky not to get a first half hat-trick with shot just wide
    Hendo 6.5 Being picky here, but would loved to have seen him bury it for the 4th when he set up Bobby. His game is not there yet, but improving.
    Wijnaldum 8.0 Was everywhere, and was unlucky not to score. At last the Gini from last season has come back from his summer vacation
    Salah 7.0 His speed is frightening, and well positioned to take his goal. Unfortunate that of our two wingers, he pales in comparison
    Firmino 7.0 Usual hard work and one mazy penalty box run in the first half showed promise. Confident finish

    In summary Forwards 9/10 Midfield 9/10 Defence 5/10 !!


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