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Home Community Liverpool Echo reporting Coutinho to Barcelona interest has ceased Reply To: Echo reporting Coutinho to Barcelona interest has ceased



    That is certainly one way of looking at it re PSG. From their own actions, other clubs have decided to follow suit.

    From Paxton’s earlier point, whether or not clubs will then play ransom, the bottom line (due to the now luxury of tv money as your rightly point out) is the ‘cat and mouse’ or the to and fro out of this 9 times out of 10 will deliver the outcome of the player moving and the selling club generating ‘X’ percentage of mark up against the scale of reality as we know it.

    What should happen in my view going forward is for this whole policy to be reviewed/evaluated both by UEFA and the FA and new regulations draw up and proposed, i.e. a cap introduced on the most an individual can be sold for, not to mention, timing and in my view as great importance, a notice period of 1 transfer window before that player can be released.

    What would you say to that?


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