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Home Community Liverpool Echo reporting Coutinho to Barcelona interest has ceased Reply To: Echo reporting Coutinho to Barcelona interest has ceased



    I can resonate to your first point. Though, I would be more inclined to believe the principle of clubs doing everything possible to hold on to their best player/s.

    There are clubs out there that will play ransom, but on the same token, there is a point of every player having a price and the often eventuality results to reluctantly caving into an overwhelming bid.

    It’s worth remembering in these instances that it’s never been Liverpool’s interest to place Coutinho in the shop window, nor for example was it in Swansea’s interest to sell Sigurdsson to Everton.

    Persistence though in this current climate of ridiculous valuations and fees pays off and 9 times out of 10, the chasing club end up with the player they want.


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