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    Marcos Alonso is just a sparkling player for the Blues. Having watched the highlights, I felt the way Chelsea were set up with their width stretched Spurs – Alonso was instrumental to their win.

    Meanwhile, after 4 or so years, I’m convinced United have recharged on the tempo they lacked with the right personnel in key playing positions – notably somebody they now have to bury the ball into the back of the net.

    If you’re playing with the burst of energy and the level of threat in Rashford, Lakaku and Martial, you can annihilate the opposition.

    Essentially, we were in this sort of position last year singing praises in the early stages and it’s always going to be about the team that will have enough for the course of 38 league games, but the way the squad has been strengthened plus taking into consideration Zlatan, the title could well and truly head back in the red part of Manchester.


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