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    agree with pretty much everything there.

    If neither RB or Southampton are going to budge, then equally, why should we cave in to and see the red mist the moment any club like Barca or Real table a bid?

    I tried to create a thread the other day, but couldn’t get it on here which pointed out a suggestion in ways to improve the transfer policy and one point I made was that each club’s top 3 best players/earners in their contracts should have a clause where by any club from the outside coming in would have to give 1 window’s notice period.

    This avoids the Andy Carroll scenario and panic buys.

    Looks to me anyway, there’s no back injury, but a bit of a fall-out between little Phillipe and the Gaffer. As you quite rightly point out, it’s great that FSG have dug in their heels, but unfortunately, I can only see this ending up one way, though fetching a potential 120 million would be fabulous as this would pave way to move on a lot of our unwanted players and dead wood with ease and not having to raise so much on their selling fees.


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