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Hightown hope

    jc – I’m surprised you thought we defended well. I have to say, I thought it was pretty shambolic from start to finish. Now I know Hoffenheim are a good side, and a good side will create chances, but we presented them with half their opportunities. Lovren’s poor interception of a free kick early on, the penalty fiasco (where was Moreno? The other end of the field!), the playing onside by Lovren for the goal and the way TAA lost his man, and finally the free header allowed in injury time. All of those could and should have been avoided, and better teams would have capitalised on it. And there were other instances, I’m sure, but I can’t recall them.

    I thought Lovren and Moreno were the chief culprits, but really the men I blame are the coaching staff. the first two games of this season have shown no defensive improvement, in fact you could argue it’s got worse, because we had actually tightened up a little by the end of last season.

    Benteke will be rubbing his hands looking forward to Saturday!!

    But it was a great result, but I’m still slightly deflated as 2-0 was tie over. That late goal has given Hoffenheim a sniff.


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