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    Welcome JC, good to see another one sign up 😉

    Editor, you know that question about Solanke brings up a scenario about Firmino that I just wonder if it might work in a pinch. Before you lads shoot it down, consider how Lallana struggled further up on the RF position but thrived when dropped back into midfield. I’m not saying we should get int he habit of doing this , as I want to only really see Firmino play as our 9 but , could he, in theory, replace Lallana?

    Firmino has the fight and physicality for it, he’s got a great eye for a through ball. He’s also very determined. The only reason this occurred to me is because of how off the pace can was in the last match. I’m not sure we should expect to get away with that much longer and Lallana will be out for 3 months. Now, I’d only consider that were we to have a quality player to play up top. Ings is on the road back but I don’t see him playing first team football for another 6 weeks minimum. They need to be careful there but Solanke looks great. I was really disappointed to see Origi given the nod before him, from the bench the last day. .

    Anyway, I’d probably be horrified to see this change happen from a starting line-up in such an important game but I’m just wondering if it could work.


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